• TUKATA 7th Pop-up store at UNLIMITED EDITION 10
  • 20-21, October - 2018
  • TUKATA has opened its 7th pop-up store on UNLIMITED EDITION 10.
    UNLIMITED EDITION is an annual art book festival showcasing small-scale and independent publications.
    Since its first event in 2009, the ever-growing number of visitors reached up to 16,000 people during the whole event last year.
    TUKATA sold limited products such as Mono Doll series, Mono Sweatshirts, Postcard and Market Bag at UNLIMITED EDITION 10.
    UNLIMITED EDITION, SeMA, Dongil-ro 1238, Nowon-gu, Seoul.

    TUKATA가 UNLIMITED EDITION 10에서 7번째 팝업스토어를 열었습니다.
    UNLIMITED EDITION 10은 2009년 1회를 시작으로 매년 진행되어 온 아트북페어, 독립출판의 시장입니다.
    이번 팝업스토어에서는 Mono doll series, Mono Sweatshirts, Postcard, Market Bag 등 UNLIMITED EDITION 한정 상품들을 판매하였습니다.
    UNLIMITED EDITION 10, SeMA, 서울시 노원구 동일로 1238,

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